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Have the Cutest Kid?

You've captured that special moment, your children are uniquely beautiful and you want to share them with the world! Why not take a chance on winning great prizes in our online baby photo contest. For more inquiries, please email us at [email protected]

Contest Mechanics  
How to Join
1. Contest is open to all babies ages 3 months to 18 months at the time of registration.

2. Application forms can be obtained at any Enfant branches and concessionaires. The form can also be downloaded from our website www.enfant.com.ph or www.enfanstore.com .

3. Minimum purchase of P2,000.00 (single or accumulated within the promo period) of any Enfant products except teethers, pacifiers, nipples and feeding bottles in any outlets qualifies your baby to join the contest.

4. Qualified registrants are required to submit the following requirements as part of the criteria for choosing a winner:

    a. Duly accomplished registration form together with the photocopies or
       original copies of the receipts of purchase.

    b. Photocopy of NSO authenticated birth certificate of the registrant.

    c. Letter of authorization from parents or legal guardian
       (in case registrant is not the child’s parent / legal guardian).

    d. A portfolio of 4 pieces of baby’s best photos in 8R prints
       (close-up, half-body, full body, creative) including clear soft
       copies of the pictures in .jpg format (5R size, 300dpi) either
       on a CD or DVD. Please make sure that the CD or DVD can be read in
       different computers.

    e. Photos must include any Enfant product that your baby uses
       may be apparel, strollers, toiletries, or any other items.
       Photos without this requirement will not be included in the
       portfolio of your baby except teethers, pacifiers, nipples and feeding bottles.

    f. The entire portfolio of your baby will be posted in our
       website for the voting portion of the contest.

    g. Copyrighted photos or photos which have been published in
       newspapers and magazines are not accepted.

5. Registrants are advised that ALL entries have duplicate copies with them before final submission. All submitted documents (i.e. photos and other supporting papers) shall become property of Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc.

6. Requirements must be submitted in any of our outlets’ drop box in a sealed brown envelope with the following information on the envelope:

    a. Baby’s name
    b. Parent’s name
    c. Date submitted
    d. Branch submitted

7. Entries can also be mailed directly to us:

    c/o Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc.
    2328 Severino Reyes St., Sta. Cruz,
    Manila, Philippines

    Attn: Shirley Avillanosa
    Marketing Assistant

8. 2 winners (1 boy and 1 girl) will be chosen every 2 months from among all outlets and 1 grand winner will be chosen from among the winners.

Month Registration Period /
Submission Period
Online Voting
of Online
Voting Winner
of Period
1 - 2 Oct. 8,2010 -
Nov. 30,2010
Dec. 10-17,2010 Dec. 19,2010 Jan. 6,2011
3 - 4 Dec. 1, 2010 –
Jan. 31,2011
Feb. 10-17,2011 Feb. 19,2011 Mar. 4,2011
5 - 6 Feb. 1, 2011 –
Mar. 31, 2011
Apr. 10-17,2011 Apr. 19,2011 May 6,2011
7 - 8 Apr. 1, 2011 –
May 31,2011
June 10-17,2011 June 19,2011 July 3,2011
9 - 10 June 1, 2011 –
July 31,2011
Aug. 10-17,2011 Aug. 19,2011 Sept. 3,2011
11 - 12 July 1, 2011 –
Sept. 30,2011
Oct. 10-17,2011 Oct. 19,2011 Nov. 5,2011
Grand Winner N/A Dec. 10-17,2011 Dec. 19, 2011 Jan. 5, 2012

9. All photos become the property of Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc., and as such may not be published elsewhere (including but not limited to other Internet websites and print publications) without the express written consent of Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc. Use of winning photos without the express written consent of Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc., will result in immediate forfeiture of prizes and disqualification from the contest.

10. Please note that any photos submitted can be used by the company for marketing and advertising and promotional campaigns.

11. Employees of Enfant/Minton Multiresources, its affiliate companies, their advertising agencies and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are not eligible to join this promotion.

Title Description Percentage
Funny Factor     Funny factor of the pictures 20%
Cutie Factor     Factor that makes people notice them
    from among the other babies
Most Popular     The baby with the most votes during
    the voting period
    Creative use of Enfant products in the photos 20%
Creativity     Uniqueness that makes the photo stand out
    among the other photos
    Completeness of the needed requirements 10%
  Total    100%

Selection of Winners
1. The duration of the contest is 12 months. There will be 2 winners every two months (1 boy and 1 girl) for a total of 12 winners. From among the 12 winners, there will be a grand winner.

2. The baby with the most votes automatically gets the whole 20% as one of the criteria for judging (Most Popular Criteria) and other are ranked and graded according to the number of votes.

3. Voting is done through Enfant’s website at www.enfant.com.ph . Please vote only once. Any detected duplicate and computerized vote will be disregarded from the total votes. Any forms of manipulation with the voting results through nefarious means will result in immediate disqualification of the contestant.

4. To ensure that the voting is legit, voters will be asked to fill up a registration form at the website before voting for a baby, with a valid name and email. The system will then send an email to the voter’s email with a link to confirm the vote. This is to make sure that no duplicate votes will be counted and no automatic voting systems are used.

5. Registrants who are able to complete all the needed requirements automatically get the 10%, as one of the criteria for judging (Completed Requirements criteria).

6. Winners’ pictures will be posted in all our outlets.

7. A DTI representative shall witness the judging and selection of winners.

8. The 12 winners and grand winner will be notified through SMS, telephone, e-mail and registered mail. Results will also be posted on our website on the scheduled dates.

9. Prizes may be claimed at the nearest Enfant outlet as identified in the register mail within 60 days from receipt of the registered mail.

10. At least one valid identification (Passport, Driver’s License, Postal ID, SSS/GSIS, PRC ID) and the baby’s original birth certificate should be presented when claiming the prizes.

11. The grand winner will be featured in a leading newspaper and magazine.

12. Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc. reserves the right to use the winner as the image model of Enfant.

13. 20% tax on prize exceeding P 10,000.00 shall be shouldered by Enfant/Minton Multiresources, Inc.

12 Winners (1 boy and 1 girl every 2 months)
    - P 5,000.00 worth of Enfant Gift Certificates
    - Pictures posted at all Enfant Branches, website and online network sites

Grand Winner
    - P 30,000.00 Cash
    - P 10,000.00 worth of Enfant Gift Certificates
    - Pictures Posted at all Enfant Branches, website and online network sites
    - Announcement at newspapers and magazines
    - Chance to be the image model of Enfant

Name Position
   1. Juliana Evangelista    Enfant Store Manager
   2. Flor Omana    Enfant Supervisor
   3. Lenny Perico    Enfant Supervisor
   4. Mercedes Kagahastian    Sales Manager

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